Bayushi Hiko

Scorpion Governor of Ryoko Owari Toshi


Location: Ryoko Owari Toshi
A main in his mid-thirties, Bayushi Daihiko is an attractive man, with black hair and brown eyes.


Bayushi Hiko was raised near Kyuden Bayushi, the third son of the local Magistrate. he was sent to the Bayushi Courtier student where he did well in his lessons. despite being the Third son, he wished to follow in his father’s foot steps. with some convincing, his sensei managed to put in a good word with Bayushi Saiki, who took him in a Yoriki, he spent several years with Bayushi Saiki, until he was recognized and made a Magistrate himself. He then spend several years at a number of posts through out the Scorpion lands. That background makes him an interesting choice for Governor of the City of Lies. He has a Wife, a son and daughter.

Bayushi Hiko

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