Asahina Tenshin

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Location: Shiro sano Kakita
Asahina Tenshin is a somewhat dangerous looking man, something of a oddity among the Crane in general and the Asahina in particular. While he is a Shugenja he does carry a Katana with him and is not adverse to using weapons. He wears simple Blue Kimono and Hakama with a Crane mon on his back. The Asahina Mon can be found saya of his katana, an odd place for it. A Isawa mon, done in blue rather than red and orange is over his right kimono lapel. He has black eyes, that many people find very disturbing to look into.

Tenshin is a rather gruff, moody person. he prefers the straight honest answer of his Crab friends over those of Courtiers and their kin. Tenshin will challenge those who slight his honour and is know for is strong demands of such duels in the past. The fact that he a Shugenja or an Asahina means nothing. He is a Warrior and will fight anyone or anything if he think he is right. He is only really happy when killing Shadowlands, standing on the Kaiu Wall throwing fire at huge throngs of Goblins, ogres and Oni makes him happy as a child at the fair.


Asahina Tenshin is the eldest son of Asahina Chutsu and Isawa Hichiko. As Tenshin grew up he developed a temper problem. while his Mother was linked to the element of Fire, she was very calm and controlled woman and had much in common with her betrothed. However, several Asahina Shugenja speculate that her fire affinity cause he child to absorb the nature of those spirits. Tenshin has a fire like temper that was out of place in the Provinces of the Asahina. When Tenshin was nine years old, his parents sent him to study with his maternal Grandfather, a Isawa Fire Shugenja of some skill. Tenshin was a good student of the element of fire and able to talk to the kami of fire very well. However, he also secretly developed friendships with the boys from the Shiba Bushi School. During his spare time his friends would show him what they were learning. in particular Shiba Tomo was a good friend of Tenshin, Tomo’s mother was a Crab and Tomo once showed Tenshin a tetsubo. Tenshin be came smitten with the weapon and studied it carefully. Tenshin manage to get Tomo’s mother to show him how you fought with a tetsubo. She was amused my Tenshin’s interest and taught him how to use one. Tenshin also picked up the katana and yari in addition to the Bo which was taught to him by his grandfather. By the age of 14, Tenshin was well know for his skill with the fire kami and his matching temper. His Weapons skills were almost as good even though few knew he had developed them. Tenshin returned to the Crane lands for his Genpakku. Tenshin’s temper kept many Asahina politely distant from Tenshin. At a lost on what to do with his son Chutsu was shocked to hear Tenshin’s request for Katana. Chutsu explained the danger that carrying a katana would being Tenshin but Tenshin would not be dissuaded.

His father arrange for Tenshin to be Yoriki to a Crane Magistrate of some renowned. During his term with Kakita Zakir within five years Tenshin was a Crane magistrate himself. however, it was a brush with the Shadowlands during a visit to a floating world that Tenshin found his calling. He was visiting a Beautiful Geisha and then all of the sudden she tried to kill him. The fight was hard but Tenshin’s fire triumphed. Tenshin’s encounter set him off looking for someone who could explain what he had encountered. A Jade magistrate Doji Weazaki, had the answer that Tenshin seeked A Bog Hag had attacked Tenshin. The idea of such creatures horrified Tenshin, so he decide to do something about them. He began to learn as much as he could about such creatures. He sought permission from his Daimyo to journey to the Crab lands and learn more about the Shadowlands so that he could remove any that slip by the Crab wall. His daimyo granted his request to be rid of the troubles that occasionally cropped up because of Tenshin’s temper. Of course the Crab made fun of the Crane and tricked Tenshin into a duel with Tetsubo. Tenshin thrashed his Crab opponent in the duel, much to the shock of all the Crab, who were watching. The Crab found new respect for Tenshin. Tenshin spent a great deal of time on the wall learning first hand the weakness of the Shadowlands. Tenshin has done much to prove to the Crab that the Crane can be great warriors and defenders of the Empire in they way that the Crab respect. A year ago Tenshin was betrothed to the daughter of the Kuni Witch Hunter. She has gone on a number of trips into the Shadowlands the fiery results of such trips have left her in awe of her husband to be. Tenshin is not sure what his family will make of Kuni Saniko. Tenshin is fond of her but it might be a stretch to say that he love her. Still he thinks that she is a good match for him, after all there is not a big line of women that want to marry a man you can reduce a village to ash with some misspoken words.

Asahina Tenshin

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