Asahina Ryoga

Asahina Brash Duelist


Location: Samui Kaze Toshi
Asahina Ryoga is a fairly average Crane Samurai, he dresses in a light blue kimono with a darker blue trim and hakama of the same shade of blue. His kimono has an Asahina Mon on the back and his right sleeve has the mon of the Kakita which also has a silver strip on the right side showing that he attended Kakita Iaijutsu Academy. He looks slight delicate looking as many Crane tend to be and is attractive enough to most women.

If Asahina Ryoga looks like the average Crane duelist, he acts like a Hida Wall Bushi. He has a powerful temper and doesn’t take any insult lightly and often lashes at those who insult him. Ryoga holds bushido close to his heart, but has never been able to prevent his rage with it. He often gets caught in the fact that his anger makes him do things that make people think he is unhonourable which causes them to question his honour, which results in even more violent action. Even more ironically, Ryoga doesn’t like to kill. He rather not kill if given the choice. Still, he knows he has strong hands that do much more damage than most. Some day he may kill someone with his hands and Ryoga wonders if he will be able to live with the results.


Asahina Ryoga is a rare Asahina, he has embraced role of an active warrior rather than the quiet peace of the Asahina lands. Son of Asahina Warika and Asahina Eriko, Ryoga’s birth was very stressful on Eriko, who blames her lack of strength for Ryoga’s temper. Ryoga grew up in the peaceful shadow of Kyuden Asahina as both his parents served in the castles libraries. About when he was four, Ryoga temper showed when he beat up other Asahina for calling Ryoga a name. It quickly became apparent that Ryoga had a bad temper and great strength than most kids his age. His father tried his best to curb his son’s temper but did not have much success. At the age of eight, Ryoga failed the test to get into the Asahina Shugenja Ryu. A somewhat shamed Warika sent his son to Kakita Academy Iaijutsu Ryu in the hopes that they could give his some some focus. Ryoga found the lessons hard so far from his family. He often got home sick wishing to see his mother. His fellow student use to taunt him which got him into more fights. Ironically it also proved to his fellow students that Ryoga was tougher than them. He could shrug off a solid hit from a Bokken and keep coming. His direct class mates gave him the nickname ‘Metal Crane’ for his unbending nature. Ryoga is only an average student when he was given his genpakku. His temper is still his worse enemy and he tries to use Bushido to keep it in check. Of course the best way to set him off is to question his honour. Still Ryoga does have one trait from his Asahina heritage. He doesn’t like to kill. While his job is to be a Yojimbo, he makes an effort to not face lethal duels, hence why he tends to use his fists, which are at least a little less likely to cause death. The few Hida that have met Ryoga sense a certain level of kinship with him and often greet him with more friendship than one would believe could be between a Hida and an Asahina. Ryoga’s current charge working in Kyuden Doji. As such he become familiar with a number of people in the area. Doji Chiyo and Kakita Sakaki have exchange pleasantries a couple time. He also had tea with Asahina Rei and Kuni Ukyo. Ryoga finds Ukyo to be a very interesting woman. He seems to be one of the few men that find Crab assertiveness attractive. Ryoga wonders when he might have to move to battle the Dragon who for reasons Ryoga doesn’t know attacked Kosaten Shiro.

Asahina Ryoga

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