Akodo Toshimoko

Akodo born, Kakita duelist


Location: Toshi no Meiyo Gisei [City of Honor’s Sacrifice]
Toshimoko like his name sake is a very handsome man. He dresses in traditional lion attire despite his Crane Training. His Kimono has Akodo mon on its lapels and a small Kakita mon graces Toshimoko’s right sleeve. A silver stripe stands on the right of the Kakita mon as it does on both of the Akodo mon signfying that Toshimoko is a student of Kakita Iaijutsu Academy. Toshimoko once only had it beside his Kakita mon bout found that people outside the Lion and crane had a bad habit of still challenging him to duel that he could easily win and wasted his time. Toshimoko does have a habit of wearing dark blue padded Kote, these kote are gifts from his sensei. He is normally has a very serious look, like many Lion

Toshimoko is a slightly bitter, but just young man. He is honourable in all things and fair, he is also a peaceful man, while he will kill, he rather not. Some Lions call this Crane weakness that he learned. The intelligent know, it is a Strength. He does his best to follow Akodo’s Bushido.


Toshimoko is a slightly better young man. His father, Akodo Nakahiko was a fan of Iaijutsu even though his own ability in Iaijutsu was terrible. Still he dreamed that his son would master this art that is so uncommon among the Lion. Nakahiko gathered favours even before Toshimoko was born so that he might send his son to attend the Kakita Iaijutsu Academy. When Toshimoko was born, his father was happier than anyone had ever seen him and then he named his son after the greatest duelist in recent memory, Toshimoko. His family was shocked. Still no one questioned his right to name his own son. Toshimoko grew up torment by his name even as Nakahiko made efforts to deaden the pain from it and the death of his mother when Toshimoko was three. Toshimoko has a younger sister named Saiko who was born when Toshimoko was two, she trained with the Matsu. Still, it was better than the horror that was heap upon him at Kakita Academy. At least until Doji Hajime took note of the Akodo. Hajime knew the boy had talent, he started to watch out for the boy keeping the worse of his clan mates away from Toshimoko. Hajime even stopped a duel between Toshimoko and one of his Crane students far above Toshimoko at the time. Toshimoko knows he owes his sensei for such care. Nakahiko grew ill a month before Toshimoko’s Genpakku, he didn’t get better as the event got closer. Nakahiko had been bed ridden for days leading up to the event. There was talk of postponing the event. but Nakahiko would have not have any of it. Through force of will alone Nakahiko willed himself out of bed and changed into his formal wear. He then unaided made into the Akodo hall for the ceremony. Toshimoko look on at his weakened father and knew as much as he hate his name, he love his father, he couldn’t dishonour his father, so when he choose his adult name, he kept Toshimoko. His father muttered a thank you and collapsed. Toshimoko ran to his father and with the help of his Sensei and his sister Saiko, help his father back to his room. There Toshimoko, Saiko, Nakahiko and Doji Hajime talk for a little while. Toshimoko’s father thanked his son for keeping his name. Hours later Toshimoko’s father died. Later, during the morning period, Saiko told Toshimoko that he was a much braver samurai than she was to be willing to keep a name that had caused so many problems. Toshimoko was left without the guidence of his father and since then he walks a razor edge between his Clan and the School that he learned his skills in and the honour of his father. Since then he often is use a Gunso in Toshi Ranbo since he deals better with them than the Matsu before him. This is some what handy since his Sensei is now in charge of the Crying Sky Dojo in that City. Toshimoko has been kept from the Front of the Lion Battle with the Unicorn. He worries about the amount of war and threats being issued by the clan. As a student of history, he knows that the more trouble that the clans cause by bickering the great the chances that something bad will happen while the clans are distracted. Given this Toshimoko looks for patterns in the problems of the Empire, hoping that he can help prevent any of the Empires enemies from exploiting the weakness of the Clans.

Akodo Toshimoko

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