Akodo Kaneka

The Basterd Child of Toruri the First


Location: Ryoko Owari


Kaneka’s Birth
In the third day of the Scorpion Coup the geisha Hatsuko was hurled to the cascades of Sorrow’s Falls at Otosan Uchi, for her disobedience to Bayushi Kachiko’s orders on killing Akodo Toturi. Everyone believed that Hatsuko had died that night.

His visit to Shinden Horiuchi in 1150 indicated he was not even twenty years old.

Learning His Father’s Name
Kaneka spent his early years growing up in a small hut in Shinomen Mori. His mother never revealed to him who his father was, and eventually he set out to travel the Empire as a ronin. During his travels he met many other individuals whom he came to trust implicitly.

Kaneka’s Advisors
Kaneka decided to travel to the Empire. He his journey he met skilled individuals that became their advisors and trusted friends.

Kaneka visited a prominent geisha house while he was living in Nanashi Mura in 1148. He fell in love with the geisha Sachina and asked her to marry him. Sachina refused, and Kaneka left in anger.

Kaneka encountered the great brute Masakazu in 1149 in Friendly Traveler Village. Kaneka confronted Masakazu about the bully’s behaviour, but the two were attacked by soldiers sent by the Steel Chrysanthemum to capture Kaneka. The two killed the soldiers and became good friends.

Kaneka met a young Rikako in 1150 at Shinden Horiuchi. Rikako was not even ten years old when Kaneka visited his old friend Horiuchi Shoan.

Kaneka studied under Otoya for six months in Shaiga, concluding his training in the early spring of 1152.

Etsushi & Uchito
Kaneka went on to join the Hidden Storm ronin group which was led by Ryuta. Kaneka befriended Ryuta’s two sons Etsushi and Uchito, and the three were good friends long after the Hidden Storm’s destruction and the death of Ryuta at the hands of the Forest Killers in 1152.

Kaneka encountered a young woman named Fusami in Kaeru Toshi in 1153. A drunk Kaneka challenged Fusami to a duel, which was fought the next day. Kaneka lost, but the two became good friends. 7

Kaneka encountered the adventurer Kazumasa while travelling in Shinomen Mori. The two became friends very quickly. 7

In 1154, Kaneka encountered the naga Jakla Qelsaurth who had been roused from the Great Sleep by the presence of the Dragon.

Kaneka met Naoharu in 1155 while staying in Ryoko Owari Toshi. Kaneka was being followed by Scorpion at the time, and Naoharu convinced Kaneka that by telling a high ranking Scorpion his secret he would be free from their hold on him.

The Bastard Revealed

In 1155, in Ryoko Owari Toshi, Kaneka announced himself as the son of the Emperor Toturi I and a geisha. Kaneka’s claim was supported by several sources, including the Akodo. This caused many disturbances in the Imperial Court, as that would make Kaneka the oldest child of Toturi. Toturi however never had the chance to officially recognize Kaneka as his son. Kaneka drew honorable bushi to him much as his father did.

Nimuro offered Lion Championship
As soon as Matsu Nimuro knew Kaneka’s true lineage he offered to step down as the Lion Clan Champion so that Kaneka might assume his birthright. Kaneka refused, wishing to find his own way. The Lion taught him Akodo’s Technique, which he absorbed with amazing speed. Kaneka was given a estate at Shiro Akodo and Akodo Yobi became his hatamoto.

Assassination Attempts
Shortly after the Lion announced Kaneka as the son of Toturi; The first attempt failed and the Lion heightened security.

Emperor Toturi has reconized that Kaneka is his Illegitmate son, currently that doesn’t entitle him to anything in regards to Imperial family but it is making rounds within circles to expect Kaneka to be a person of growing power. Some have started muttering about Kaneka being Toturi’s oldest child, but outside the most rebelious schools of thought, no one think it possible for Kaneka to be considered an Heir. Even amoung the Lion, the idea of Kaneka as Heir is a flight of fancy.

Akodo Kaneka

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